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Agate 2 " Dyed SlicesAgate 2 " Dyed Slices
Agate 2 " Dyed Slices
In stock, 130 units

Yellow Calcite  3" Soap StoneYellow Calcite  3" Soap Stone
Yellow Calcite 3" Soap Stone
In stock, 20 units

Clear Quartz Palm StoneClear Quartz Palm Stones in a  hand
Clear Quartz 2 " Palm Stone
In stock, 15 units

Pyrite SpherePyrite Spheres in hand
Pyrite 1 3/4" Sphere
In stock, 12 units

Kiwi Sesame JasperKiwi Sesame Jasper 2" Sphere
Kiwi Sesame Jasper 2" Sphere
In stock, 13 units

Black Opal rough Raw black opal in hand
Black Opal Rough 1 LB
Only 3 units left

Tri-Flow Obsidian SphereTriple Flow Obsidian with classic swirls.
Obsidian Tri-Flow 2" Sphere
Only 10 units left

5 inch agate carved arrowheadFancy Agate 5" Arrowhead
Fancy Agate 5" Arrowhead
In stock, 40 units

Gemstone PendulumsGemstone Pendulums
Gemstone Pendulums
In stock, 1120 units

Obsidian 20mm CubeObsidian 20mm Cube
Obsidian 20mm Cube
In stock, 99 units


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