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Soapstone Animal Totem FigurinesSoapstone Animal Totem Figurines
Soapstone Animal Totem Figurines
In stock, 4979 units

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Worry Stone Assorted Gemstones 45mmWorry Stone Assorted Gemstones 45mm

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Lightning Bolts Assorted Gemstones 1 InchLightning Bolts Assorted Gemstones 1 Inch

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Selenite Tower
Selenite Tower
In stock, 21 units

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In stock, 899 units

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Malachite 1” Tumbled 1 LBMalachite Tumbled
Malachite 1” Tumbled 1 LB
In stock, 98 units

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Oval Small Nugget  Gemstone BraceletOval Small Nugget  Gemstone Bracelet

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Gemstone Crescent Moon 29mmGemstone Crescent Moon 29mm
Gemstone Crescent Moon 29mm
In stock, 50 units

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Selenite Stick WandSelenite Stick Wand
Selenite Stick Wand
In stock, 85 units

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Smoky Quartz Tumbled
Smoky Quartz 1” Tumbled 1 LB
In stock, 32 units

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Obsidian 40mm PyramidObsidian 40mm Pyramid
Obsidian 40mm Pyramid
Only 2 units left

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Rose Quartz Palm StoneRose Quartz Palm Stone
Rose Quartz Palm Stone
In stock, 13 units

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Poly Chrome Jasper TumbledPoly Chrome Jasper Wholesale

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Carnelian Chip Stretchy String Bracelet

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Lava Heart Set of 10Lava Heart Set of 10
Lava Heart Set of 10
In stock, 60 units

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Gemstone 2" DisksGemstone 2" Disks
Gemstone 2" Disks
In stock, 417 units

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1 Pound of Hematite TumbledWholesale Hematite Tumbled
Hematite Mix Size Tumbled 1 Lb
In stock, 42 units

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Turquoise Nugget BraceletTurquoise Nugget Bracelet
Turquoise Nugget Bracelet
In stock, 200 units

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Selenite MoonWholesale Selenite
Selenite 4.75” Moon Plate
In stock, 105 units

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Selenite Hex Plate
Selenite 2 3/4" Hex Plate
In stock, 937 units

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Larimar Small Heart
Larimar Small Heart
In stock, 96 units

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Bumblebee Jasper Bumblebee Jasper Skull
Bumblebee Jasper Skull
Only 8 units left

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