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Fluorite Obelisk Point SmallFluorite Obelisk Point Small
Fluorite Obelisk Point Small
In stock, 120 units

Wood Small Sphere StandWood Small Sphere Stand
Wood Small Sphere Stand
In stock, 58 units

Ruby Zoisite Hearts in handRuby Zoisite Hearts
Ruby Zoisite Hearts
In stock, 656 units

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Obsidian 40mm PyramidObsidian 40mm Pyramid
Obsidian 40mm Pyramid
In stock, 93 units

Chip Bracelet Set of 3
Chip Bracelet Set of 3
In stock, 103 units

Black Moonstone Palm StoneBlack Moonstone Palm Stone
Black Moonstone Palm Stone
In stock, 35 units

Gemstone Skull Palm SizeGemstone Skull Palm Size
Gemstone Skull Palm Size
In stock, 15 units

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Rose Quartz Palm StoneRose Quartz Palm Stone
Rose Quartz Palm Stone
In stock, 45 units

Rose Quartz Chunks Rough 1 LbRose Quartz Chunks Rough 1 Lb
Rose Quartz Chunks Rough 1 Lb
In stock, 12 units

Aventurine Medium ObeliskAventurine Medium Obelisk
Aventurine Medium Obelisk
In stock, 122 units

Assorted Ohm Chakra PendulumsAssorted Ohm Chakra Pendulums
Assorted Ohm Chakra Pendulums
In stock, 111 units

Mystic Merlinite 3" ObeliskMystic Merlinite 3" Obelisk
Mystic Merlinite 3" Obelisk
Only 10 units left

Astrophyllite 2-3” ObeliskAstrophyllite 2-3” Obelisk
Astrophyllite 2-3” Obelisk
In stock, 27 units

Lapis Luzli in wooden bowlLapis Wholesale
Lapis Tumbled 1 LB
In stock, 69 units

10mm Gemstone Bracelets10mm Gemstone Bracelets
10mm Gemstone Bracelets
In stock, 489 units