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Amethyst  25-30mm SphereAmethyst  25-30mm Sphere
Amethyst 25-30mm Sphere
Only 1 unit left

Ametrine Sphere 30-39mmAmetrine Sphere 30-39mm
Ametrine Sphere 30-39mm
In stock, 100 units

Black Onyx Sphere 20mm
Black Onyx Sphere 20mm
In stock, 175 units

Blue Tiger Eye Sphere
Blue Tiger Eye Sphere
In stock, 104 units

Carnelian 19 -20 mm Spheres
Carnelian 19 -20 mm Spheres
Only 2 units left

Citrine SpheresCitrine Spheres
Citrine Spheres
In stock, 683 units

Clear Quartz 19 -20 mm19 to 20 mm clear quartz spheres
Clear Quartz 19 -20 mm
In stock, 69 units

Flame Stone 2” Plus SphereFlame Stone 2” Plus Sphere
Flame Stone 2” Plus Sphere
In stock, 14 units

48 mm glass sphereGlass Spheres 48mm each
Glass 48 mm Sphere
In stock, 29 units

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Glow in the Dark 70mm SphereGlow in the Dark 70mm Sphere
Glow in the Dark 70mm Sphere
Only 10 units left

Grey Agate 20mm Sphere
Grey Agate 20mm Sphere
In stock, 242 units

Ice Quartz 1lb lotIce Quartz 1lb lot
Ice Quartz 1lb lot
In stock, 20 units

Larimar 20mm SphereLarimar 20mm Sphere
Larimar 20mm Sphere
In stock, 25 units

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